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Report: Holidays are a good time for estate planning

In today’s world, it is not always easy to get everyone in the family under one roof. With the holidays approaching, however, many families in Oklahoma will gather in the same place to celebrate. Experts are suggesting that this is a good time to talk about estate planning, ensuring that the people who will be most affected by certain decisions will be present.

Understanding estate plan expenses

While no one wants to think about it, a fatal accident can occur at any time. To make sure that loved ones are protected, it is important to have an estate plan in place. Yet, many times, people in Oklahoma put this off because of the costs involved. Understanding the expenses associated with estate planning and taking proactive steps can help people overcome this hurdle.

Prevent unnecessary sibling rivalry with proper estate planning

Some siblings will find any reason to fight, and a parent’s estate is no exception. At Ball & Morse, PLLC, we know how effective estate planning can prevent rivalries among heirs from starting. When you take the appropriate measures, you can minimize conflict and ensure that your survivors know what to expect at your passing.

How can I avoid probate in Oklahoma?

When considering your estate planning, you may want to know how some of your assets will be handled when it comes to probate. Probate is the process through which a will is legitimized. According to Oklahoma law, the probate procedure can include valuing estates, selling property, paying debts and distributing assets.

What are some common estate planning terms?

When creating or updating your estate plan, the many terms and phrases surrounding estate administration and planning may be difficult to understand. There are some definitions, such as wills, that you see often and may know a bit about. However, it can be easy to misinterpret some estate planning terms or mistakenly use them interchangeably.

Intestacy is what occurs when someone dies without leaving a will

Most people who write wills do so with the intent of avoiding any confusion regarding their estate after they die. Unfortunately, some Oklahoma City residents fail to complete their estate plan before their death. If this is the case, the probate court will likely step in to distribute assets to the surviving heirs. Many people will consider this to be against their interests, especially if they wish for certain property and personal items to be inherited by specific people.

Planning for a disabled child's future with a special needs trust

Countless families across the United States care for disabled minor children and adult children. When making an estate plan, Oklahoma City residents who have a disabled child should take into consideration what will happen after they are gone. Who will make sure the child's needs are met?

Facebook, digital assets and estate planning

Many Oklahoma residents are aware of the importance of a solid estate plan. However, many may lack knowledge as to the specifics involved in such a plan. Sometimes, only the big, obvious assets may spring to mind -- the homes, cars, bank accounts and so on. For many, though, there are many other assets that come into play. Being aware of these assets and how and whether to include them in an estate plan can be of immense help.

Now is a good time to review estate administration plans

For some readers of this Oklahoma estate planning and probate blog, reviewing one's personal estate administration plan is a regular occurrence. Some people look over their end-of-life and estate plan arrangements regularly in order to make sure that they change with the creator's wants and needs. Conversely, however, some people never look over their estate plans, either because they choose not to or because they have never gotten around to making plans in the first place.

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