I feel fine. I don't need a will.


No matter your age, health or wealth, it is important to consider the benefits of developing a comprehensive estate plan. With a will in place, an individual gains a measure of control over the distribution of their assets and peace of mind knowing that their surviving loved ones won't be locked in protracted legal battles over who gets what.

A will is typically the piece of the estate planning puzzle that most people think of first. Wills can be as general or specific as necessary. In some cases, people create a will that specifically describes the distribution of every asset - from clothes to furniture to comic book collections. In other cases, people will create a document that might name one heir who can distribute assets as he or she sees fit. No matter how you'd like to proceed, it is important to discuss your estate planning needs with an experienced attorney.

No one likes to consider their own mortality, but the reality is that a serious accident, catastrophic injury or medical emergency is only one step away. A devastating car accident or debilitating mental condition can leave your loved ones in emotional and financial turmoil. With estate planning documents - wills, trusts, powers of attorney - in place, you can avoid unnecessary confusion and family disputes. The best way to avoid issues in the future is to address them in the present.

While it can be daunting or even a bit depressing to think about what will happen after you've died, an experienced attorney can provide the guidance you need. Whether you are drafting a simple will, developing a trust that financially protects your loved ones, or deciding who should be your proxy in case of mental or physical incapacitation, an attorney can help. A comprehensive estate plan is a central key to your peace of mind and gaining control over who gets what when.

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