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What should I know about generation-skipping trusts?

You may be drawn to a generation-skipping trust because of its ability to help you plan for your grandchildren’s future. Through this estate planning tool, you will be able to place a certain portion of your estate into a trust that will bypass your children and directly benefit the next generation.

Chesapeake Exploration, LLC v. Buell (Slip Opinion No. 2015-Ohio-4551)

In Chesapeake Exploration, LLC v. Buell (Slip Opinion No. 2015-Ohio-4551) ("Chesapeake"), the Ohio Supreme Court addressed two certified questions from the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

Report: Holidays are a good time for estate planning

In today’s world, it is not always easy to get everyone in the family under one roof. With the holidays approaching, however, many families in Oklahoma will gather in the same place to celebrate. Experts are suggesting that this is a good time to talk about estate planning, ensuring that the people who will be most affected by certain decisions will be present.

Understanding the cy pres doctrine in Oklahoma trusts

A charitable trust in Oklahoma gives you the ability to list either a specific organization or a general cause to which you wish to leave a legacy. At Ball & Morse, PLLC, we know how important it is that your wishes are kept. However, there are some circumstances in which your original plan cannot be honored. In those situations your estate or trustee will have to act under the cy pres doctrine.

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