Robin Williams’ wife disputes personal items with his children

Several months ago, the entire world grieved as it lost a beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams. His loving family members, including his wife and several children from previous marriages, were also devastated. Residents in Oklahoma and across the country watched the news in sadness as they learned that some of Mr. Williams’ heirs began to dispute the property that was left behind. It is difficult enough to lose a family member without having to deal with will contests. Unfortunately, family disputes over wills and assets can and do happen.

Mr. Williams reportedly left behind numerous personal items and other property, and his family members are having difficulty coming to an agreement over who should have these items. It is reported that he left more than $100 million to his children and a previous wife, as well as many personal items. He left his San Francisco Bay Area home to his current wife, along with instructions detailing funds that she should receive to be able to maintain the home.

His children have disputed the ownership of many of the personal items in the home, which his wife claims were left to her. These belongings include entertainment awards, clothing, photographs, watches and other things, totaling to more than 300 items. Ms. Williams says that she would like to be able to hold onto such belongings as her late husband’s T-shirts, slippers and boxer shorts to remember him by.

Mr. Williams’ wife and his children spoke with a mediator to try to amicably resolve their disagreements. A San Francisco superior court judge has told them they must reach an accord by the end of July. This case shows how inheritance issues can plague even the rich and famous despite how carefully they plan their wills.

Source: The Guardian, "Robin Williams' estate feud continues as focus shifts to T-shirts and slippers," June 1, 2015

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