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Living will -- an advanced medical directive

Life is full of uncertainties. In an instant, a person can be seriously injured or killed in an accident. When a person becomes incapacitated, family members may find it difficult to make importance medical decisions, especially if the incapacitated person has no living will. Estate planning tools such as living wills ensure that everything is in order in case of unexpected life changes, such as a deadly accident.

2015 Legislative Watch: H.B. 1380 - Proposed amendments to the Oklahoma Advanced Placement Incentive Program and new academic standards for U.S. History

H.B. 1380, a proposed bill in the Oklahoma State Legislature regarding Advanced Placement U.S. History courses offered in public schools, is receiving widespread media attention after the February 17, 2015 vote by the Common Education Committee of the Oklahoma House of Representatives to allow H.B. 1380 to proceed for further consideration. Although the current language of the bill appears limited to U.S. History, there is some speculation, based upon comments by House Common Education Committee members, that similar prohibitions related to other AP courses may be forthcoming.

When is the right time to amend a will?

A will is one of the most common types of estate planning tools used today. It is important for all Oklahoma City residents to create a will, especially if they have young children who can be left without a guardian. Wills also play an important role in ensuring that assets are distributed to their rightful heirs. Without a will, the estate of the deceased will be distributed based on state law.

Robin Williams' widow disputes late actor's trust in court

Before they die, few, if any, Oklahomans plan to leave their children and relatives in conflict over their property, assets and decisions about their disposition. This is why people enact wills and use estate-planning tools such as trusts. These tools allow an individual to create detailed instructions about how to dispose or or distribute property and assets and manage the financial affairs of the person's beneficiaries and heirs. A well-drafted trust can ensure that heirs will receive their fair share of an estate.

What are the three types of probate bonds?

Death, as the old adage goes, is inevitable. When a person dies, that person is likely to leave a legacy behind, usually in the form of money, property or assets. Here in Norman, Oklahoma, local residents have heard many stories about families that fight over an estate. These often result in fractured family relationships as each person involved seeks their fair share of the estate. Nowadays, people are beginning to understand the importance of estate planning -- especially, how it can ensure beneficiaries or heirs will receive their fair share of the estate.

Oklahoma School Immunization Requirements and Exemptions

The recent measles outbreak in the United States has received widespread media attention.  According to the CDC, between January 1, 2015 and January 30, 2015, fourteen states here in the U.S. have reported cases of measles infections, accounting for a total of 102 cases.  Oklahoma is one of a number of states (including California and Arizona, two of the states reporting the largest number of cases) that allow exemptions based upon religious and personal grounds, in addition to medical necessity.  

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