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Health care proxies in Oklahoma advance directives

When people are planning for end-of-life arrangements, many choose to complete a legal document called an advanced directive. An advanced directive allows individuals to have some control over decisions regarding medical care and treatment, such as what treatments they would like to undergo or when to withhold treatment even if death will result.

The advantages of trusts

Oklahoma residents who possess a estate of some size that they wish to protect and pass on to the next generation may wish to do some research on the possibility of setting up a trust. Although a trust is not necessary for everyone, those who have special conditions for their bequest or intend to leave a significant amount of money when they pass away may find them to be efficient tools for their purposes.

How our law firm can help you understand wills and trusts

As a respectable estate planning law firm, we have been successfully counseling clients in Oklahoma in the area of wills and trusts. With decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge in estate planning, our law firm understands that no two clients are alike. Therefore, we offer a number of planning tools to help our clients choose the best mode of protection for their hard-earned assets.

What are the steps in creating a living trust?

A living trust may help an Oklahoma resident protect his or her assets during life and after death. To create a trust, it is important to find the right adviser who can create a document that meets an individual's unique needs. While a lawyer may make a good adviser, those who have a small estate may be able to fill out forms available online or have their bank manage their assets.

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