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There's more to Oklahoma estate planning than a drafting a will

Many Oklahomans believe that they have completed their estate planning when they draft a will. However, as one attorney points out, estate planning "isn't just about death and taxes; it's also about what happens if you get very sick and live." There are four essential documents that everyone should have to help ensure that their wishes are carried out.

Oklahoma woman leaves all of her assets to her church

As people grow older and mature, their wishes will sometimes grow and mature right along with them. This growth and the associated changes are a reminder that having an up-to-date estate plan is vital for any adult. This estate plan lets those you leave behind know exactly what to do with the assets that are part of your estate.

What will the children of baby boomers ultimately inherit?

We recently wrote about some of the unique challenges baby boomers tend to face when they inherit from their parents. The parents of baby boomers tend to be thrifty, exacting with their finances and tend to be dedicated to charitable giving. When baby boomers inherit, they often have some understanding of how hard their parents worked to accumulate their assets and therefore feel a great sense of pressure to do something truly “worthy” with their inheritance.

Thinking about creative assets during estate planning

There are few objects more precious to a creative individual than personal works in progress tend to be. Whether these works consist of a draft of a novel, the beginnings of a painting or a book of photography that has yet to be fully shot, works in progress and fully formed works that have yet to be sold and marketed tend to be uniquely precious.

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