March 2014 Archives

Why college students need to draft estate plans

We have previously discussed the fact that all parents and anyone with substantial assets or income should draft a will as soon as possible, if these individuals have not already drafted one. However, naming potential guardians for minor children and outlining how one’s assets will be distributed upon one’s death are not the only urgent reasons why an individual should engage in estate planning. Every adult, including young adults and college students, should ideally have a few key estate planning documents drafted.

Should you create a trust or two as part of your estate plan?

There are many legal tools that an individual can choose to utilize or not utilize when constructing an estate plan. We frequently write about how individuals may use wills to hand down property after they pass away. We also frequently mention that advance health care directives can help individuals plan for incapacitation and end of life care.

Learning from one celebrity's estate planning woes

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely death has affected many Americans very deeply. From his friends in Hollywood to his fans, from members of the drug and alcohol recovery community to anyone who can understand what it means to have one’s life unintentionally spiral suddenly out of control, Hoffman’s death is largely being perceived as a tragedy.

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