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Protecting The Vulnerable With A Guardianship Or Power Of Attorney

When a person is not able to manage his or her affairs, it may be time for concerned family members to act. When the court grants a guardianship over a minor or incapacitated adult, the guardian becomes responsible for managing the person's personal, health care and financial affairs. A power of attorney can also serve to accomplish the same objectives, at a lower cost.

At Ball & Morse, PLLC, we provide a complete range of services regarding guardianships and powers of attorney for people in the Oklahoma City area and beyond. Our estate planning lawyers understand the uses and abuses of these legal instruments and how to protect vulnerable adults and children.

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Protecting Assets Using A Guardianship

Some elderly people can become victims of fraudsters or carelessly handle their finances. This can become apparent over time, or a sudden event can reveal the existence of a problem in this regard. A guardianship can remove this possibility, by placing control of financial assets in the hands of a responsible adult (usually a family member).

In a consultation, we can review your situation, provide additional information about how guardianships work and advise you regarding your options.

Powers Of Attorney

Alternatively, a power of attorney can be a cost-effective way to prevent the dissipation of the incapacitated person's savings. No court hearing is required, nor is there any requirement to provide annual reports to the court. Instead, the subject voluntarily signs a power of attorney that gives another person control over financial and personal affairs. An attorney at Ball & Morse, PLLC, can explain how we can help you.

Guardianship Litigation

Courts do not grant guardianships automatically. The court must be satisfied that the subject of the guardianship petition is indeed incapable of managing his or her affairs and that the proposed or existing guardian is suited for the task. Ball & Morse, PLLC, represents people in litigation involving contested guardianships, including those seeking to obtain guardianships and those contesting guardianship petitions (such as alleged incapacitated persons or other family members), and those wishing to terminate guardianships.

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